About Laurel Hughes, Psy.D.

Laurel Hughes is a retired disaster mental health manager. She has worked in disaster for both government and nonprofit organizations, and has developed numerous materials for her field.

Does Cogjam Really Qualify to be Called a “Disaster?”

That is the question. What turns any unfortunate event into a disaster?

And if cogjam is indeed a disaster, how does identifying it as such help us cope with and overcome its effects?

For answers, see my latest post at http://www.thecogjameffect.com.


Herd Instinct Gone Awry

There is safety in numbers. But we also have that saying about following the lemmings over the cliff. Herd instinct gone awry is in part to blame for today’s socio-political divide, also known as cogjam.

For more on this topic, see my latest post at http://www.thecogjameffect.com.

Setting the Cogjam Trap: Rationalization

How we process information is different during stress and trauma. Our focus becomes narrower, so we can better zero in on whatever has caused us to go into “fight or flight” mode. We think less, and react more.

One outcome of this neurochemical state is rationalization. It can result in our life experience making us increasingly more foolish, rather than wiser. And when left untethered, it fuels cogjam–the socio-political stress causing us so many problems these days.

For more on this, see my new post at http://www.thecogjameffect.com.



You can’t make this stuff up. Currently trauma peeks in the door in ways we never imagined possible. Yet that’s what today’s socio-political atmosphere keeps bringing us: Stress. Frustration. Confusion. Interpersonal conflict. Social disruption. And yes, perhaps even trauma.

One source of it all, thankfully, seems to have lightened up a bit over the last year. Social media still regularly post unsocialized hostilities. But there are also plenty of users who have found paths away from promoting the negativity that has dragged so many of us down.

What if all of us worked to weaken social media’s role as weapon of mass destruction?

Let’s Take Our Social Media Back!

Suggestions appear on my new website, www.thecogjameffect.com. They are an excerpt from my upcoming book, “The Cogjam Effect — and the Path to Healing Divisive Community and Fractured Science.” Follow me there for the latest on how understanding and promoting use of the body-mind connection can help resolve consequences of today’s socio-political turmoil.

The Sweet Scent of Change

It’s here! A recovery website that focuses on our progress toward the “new normal,” and how we might go about it even better.pink wildflowers at pond

Check out http://www.thecogjameffect.com for “Cogjam Solutions.” It features material that will appear in my upcoming book, The Cogjam Effect — and the Path to Healing Divisive Community and Fractured Science.

There is indeed a way out of socio-political turmoil. We carve it by way of greater personal understanding and thinking outside the box. As always during disaster and adversity, resilience trumps all.