Doooooooh . . . Not Again.

Another political bru-ha-ha. Aaaaaaargh!

Want to avoid joining in with the resulting social media firestorm, and maybe help prevent even more socio-political meltdown?

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Dodging Political Fallout: Act I

How do we keep ourselves out of trouble in these politically charged times? How do we avoid emotional and interpersonal fallout? Is there a crystal ball that tells all?

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“They call me the crazy cat lady.”

What does a story about a “cat lady” have to do with disaster recovery?

It’s a fun vignette for testing your mindset. See if my latest post at leads you to appreciate an ingrained cultural irony, or hits you more as a source of political angst. Only you decide which you will focus upon.

Does Cogjam Really Qualify to be Called a “Disaster?”

That is the question. What turns any unfortunate event into a disaster?

And if cogjam is indeed a disaster, how does identifying it as such help us cope with and overcome its effects?

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Setting the Cogjam Trap: Rationalization

How we process information is different during stress and trauma. Our focus becomes narrower, so we can better zero in on whatever has caused us to go into “fight or flight” mode. We think less, and react more.

One outcome of this neurochemical state is rationalization. It can result in our life experience making us increasingly more foolish, rather than wiser. And when left untethered, it fuels cogjam–the socio-political stress causing us so many problems these days.

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